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System Requirements

Farming can be Network Intensive.

Make sure you have a stable network connection. During the plotting phase of farming, it can be network intensive.

This may impact your network usage so please check your network connection if you have a hard data limit.

CPU4 Core+
Storage (node)100GB (SSD)
Storage (farm)*See Note (SSD)

The Subspace Network is based on Proof of Archival Storage, as such your storage contribution will directly correlate to your block and vote rewards. In other words, the more space you contribute, the faster and more frequently you will earn rewards. While you can farm with as little as 100 GB, it is strongly recommended that you allocate as much space as possible to maximize reward potential. For insights on how this choice impacts our network's consensus mechanism and your potential rewards, see this guide.

Security Considerations

For a secure farming setup, ensure your system is updated, use a secure wallet, configure firewalls properly, and follow network safety protocols. Detailed security practices are available on our Security Best Practices page.

Crypto Wallet

Before running anything you need to have a wallet where you'll receive testnet coins. There are currently two wallets we suggest using, SubWallet being the preferred route.

Install one of the two wallets above into your browser and create a new account there. The address of your account will be necessary at the last step.

For help refer to our wallets section for Subwallet & Polkadot.js Wallet

Networking Information

For comprehensive details on network configurations, port management, firewall settings, and related networking requirements, please consult our dedicated Networking Guide. This resource provides in-depth information to ensure seamless integration and optimal security of your network connections.


HDDs are not supported and will never be. We don't recommended trying to use smart caching, tiered storage or other ways to accelerate it, you'll be 100% disappointed and just waste your time.

The node will require 100 GiB of good quality SSD. Doesn't have to be anything amazing, but something mid-range from a reputable manufacturer with decent endurance is recommended.

The farmer side can work with pretty much any SSD whatsoever that is not fake and not outright broken, dedicating high quality high endurance SSD is pointless unless you already have it for reasons unrelated to Subspace. Software writes to disk in near-perfect for SSD way, effectively doing write leveling if SSD is solely dedicated to farming.

RAID of any kind is pointless and can only harm performance and/or rewards. RAID0 will most likely make things slower rather than faster (application benefits from knowing underlying hardware topology). RAID1 or any other redundancy level is 100% pointless too since farms are stateless and can be removed if a disk breaks without losing data on other disks, it'll just make thing slower and reduce the effective capacity that can be used for farming, reducing farming rewards for literally no benefit in exchange.

File System

You can use any file system with default settings, we advise against their use for Subspace but in the case of CoW file systems like ZFS or BTRFS you need to disable CoW for the farmer directory, or adjust the recordsize.

In order to disable CoW on BTRFS, run the command chattr +C /your_farmer_directory/.

In case of ZFS, you can try adjusting the recordsize by running zfs set recordsize=128K tank/dataset, or creating a separate dataset for the farmer with adjusted recordsize parameters.


Windows No Output Bug

If you face an error where the node outputs nothing and no error code is given it is likely you just need to install the latest Visual C++ Redistributable package here

Linux error.

If you encounter an error related to, install the libgomp1 library with sudo apt-get install libgomp1.

Linux File Descriptor Limit

Linux has a hard limit of 100k file descriptors. Exceeding this may cause errors. Refer to our guide here