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Subspace faucet

How to get some test tokens

The Faucet is available on our Discord server.

In order to get access to the role-gated developer chat and faucet channel:

  1. Join our Discord

  2. Click on Subspace Network at the top left corner and choose Linked Roles.


  3. Link your GitHub account to get a developer role and gain access to developer-chat. Discord-2

  4. As soon as you get a Developer role, the Faucet channel will become available to you.

  5. You can use a slash command /faucet your_EVM_wallet_address_here to request tokens. Faucet-1

  6. In case of a successful request, you will see the confirmation and link to the blockscout explorer shortly. Faucet-2

  7. You can request tokens once every 24 hours.