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Version: Pre-Release


The Subspace Network is an ambitious layer zero protocol which is the first scalable, secure, & decentralized infrastructure layer for the Web3 ecosystems.

❓ Learn About the Subspace Network

🤝 Participate on the Subspace Network

Become a farmer

Farmers on the Subspace Network are responsible for maintaining consensus, they do this by securing the consensus chain. A farmer plots pieces of archival history to disk, farms the created plot for block and vote rewards, and joins the DSN as a node for data retrieval.

Choose one of the following methods to start farming on the Network (from easy to more complex):

- Start Farming with Space Acres

- Start Farming with Advanced CLI

Become a nominator

Farmers can nominate operators and back them with their tokens, increasing their stake and chance of being elected as slot leaders. Generally speaking, any SSC token holder can stake their tokens by nominating a domain operator without having to become an operator or farmer themselves. Nominators earn staking rewards, proportional to their staking amount and pay the operator a pre-agreed tax on them.

- Start Nominating

Become an operator

Operators are responsible for validating and executing transactions, producing execution receipts, applying state transitions and earn rewards for their work.

- Start an Opeator node

Become a timekeeper

Timekeepers on the Subspace Network are responsible for running the Proof-of-Time chain and maintaining the randomness beacon for the consensus chain.

- Start timekeeping

📖 Develop on The Subspace Network

Utilize the EVM Domain

The Subspace Network hosts an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), that allows you to deploy your smart contracts.

- EVM Development

Utilize the Core Protocol

The Subspace Network aims to provide an amazing developer experience to anyone who wishes to build on top of the protocol. As such we have started working on a variety of tools to assist and promote development on our network.

- Core Protocol Development