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Operator Tips & Tricks

Claiming tSSC

The minimum amount of tokens required to register an operator is 100 tSSC. If you don't have that much, there is a way to claim it as long as you are a verified farmer.

  1. Proceed to the staking tab on Astral and connect your wallet.


  1. Select the wallet you would like to connect. Both Subwallet and PolkadotJS wallets are supported.


  1. Enter your password to give an access to your wallet.


  1. Select the account you'd like to use form the dropdown menu. You can click the button in the upper left corner to see available and locked (staked) token balances for the selected account.



  1. As long as you are a verified farmer, you should have the Claim button available.


  1. Click the Claim button and it should change to Pending.


  1. After about 5 minutes you should see an additional 100 tSSC in your account.



If the claim button is not available you may need to disconnect and reconnect your wallet. If you still don't see the claim button you may need to click refresh.


Insert key to Keystore:

This might be useful if you decided to switch domains or already have the secret phrase. Read more about switching domain in the next section.

To insert the key, use the following command:

target/production/subspace-node domain key insert \
--base-path NODE_DATA_PATH --domain-id DOMAIN_ID --keystore-suri "<Secret phrase>"

The command above will insert the keypair in the subfolder of NODE_DATA_PATH/domains/DOMAIN_ID/keystore.

suri is the secret phrase of the operator key.

Switch domains

Any Operator can switch domain they operate on anytime. In order to switch domain:

  1. Proceed to PolkadotJS
  2. Make sure to select the correct network at the top-left corner.
  3. Select the account you want to use in using the selected account.
  4. Select domains under submit the following extrinsic and choose switchDomain(operatorId, newDomainId) in the dropdown.
  5. Add your operatorId and newDomainId to the corresponding fields.



Only the account who registered Operator can swith the domain.


You need to move your keypair to a new location, if you switch domains. Follow the insert key to keystore section.


Stake of your Nominators won't be released, but will be moved to the new domain as well.

Useful commands

Running both validator (farmer) and operator nodes at the same time


To run both operator and validator at the same time, provide requrired flags for both roles when starting your node.

target/production/subspace-node run `
--chain gemini-3h `
--farmer `
--name your_node_name `
-- `
--domain-id your_domain_id `
--operator-id your_operator_id `
--listen-on /ip4/

If you're running an operator node for AutoID domain, add the following bootstrap node to the list of domain arguments:

--bootstrap-nodes /dns/

You should see the node start successfully and begin syncing.


Switching to another server

To ensure the minimum downtime during your switch, we propose the following:

  1. Sync a new operator node using a throwaway key. You can generate a new key, just not insert it into your keystore.
  2. Stop the original node and rename the keystore (or whatever you feel comfortable doing to prevent you accidentally starting the original node up with the original signing key).
  3. Update the keystore on the new node with the original signing key.
  4. Restart the new operator node.